USTA League Grievances

For poor sportsmanship and general local league grievances, send the form to your Area League Coordinator. The deadline for filing a grievance is based on the next match in that specific flight and that specific division involving the participant(s) or team(s).   Appears in 3.02A.

NTRP Grievances involving self-rated players should be sent to the Section office via email ( or via mail (NTRP Grievance Committee, PO Box 240015, Los Angeles, CA 90024-9115).

A player with a valid NTRP Computer (C) Rating or a player who has been granted an Automatic Appeal (A) of a Computer Rating is not subject to a NTRP Grievance. Please see Grievance Protocol for more information.

Self-Rate Eligibility Guidelines

Players must self-rate accurately, according to NTRP criteria. New or returning players who enter the USTA League Tennis Program by self-rating at least one NTRP level (.5) below their actual skill level are considered by the USTA League Committee to be violating the standards of good conduct, fair play and good sportsmanship, in accordance with the provisions of USTA League Tennis Regulation 3.02. To deal with those alleged violations, the following guidelines may be implemented:

1) A complaint may be filed by a captain, coordinator or member of a championship committee against the player and/or captain who enters or condones entering one level or more below actual skill level.

2) The Section Grievance Committee having jurisdiction, augmented as necessary by experts in NTRP ratings, may ask the alleged violator to complete the USTA Player Background Profile sheet and submit it to the committee for review.  After review, the committee will take action as it deems appropriate.

3) This action may include disqualification, suspension from league play or other league sanctions.

4) The Section Grievance Committee decision may be appealed in accordance with Regulation 3.04 of USTA League Tennis Regulations.

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