Central Coast County Local League Rules

  1. TEAM CAPTAIN and CO-CAPTAIN RESPONSIBILITIES: (A) New Captains must attend the Captains’ Meeting. (B) All Team Captains are required to manage team matches and team activities, which includes representing your team at Captains’ Meetings and keeping your players informed of local, sectional and national regulations as well as local and championship play. Anyone attending a Captains’ Meeting as a representative for an experienced captain must give all handouts and notes to the Captain ASAP after the Meeting. (C) Captains are responsible for actions of their players and their spectators during each match. (D) If the Captain is not going to be at a match, the Captain must give the opposing Team Captain the name of the “Acting Captain” and his/her phone number.
  2. INDIVIDUAL LEAGUE PROCEDURES/RULES/DEADLINES: Procedures/rules/deadlines specific to each League will be given at the Captains’ Meeting for each League. Each Captain is responsible for giving the same information to his/her players.
  3. CAPTAIN’S GIFT: As a “Thank You” for all the time spent captaining a team, the Section Fee of $22 is waived, and a “captain’s gift” is given out at Captains’ Meetings.
  4. CAPTAINS’ REGISTRATION FEE: If captains register (or have somebody else register for them) using the regular team number and not the captain’s team number, they forfeit their “waiver” of the Section team registration fee.
  5. MATCH FORMAT: All Central Coast USTA/SCTA Leagues will be played in the format of the best of two tiebreak sets with a 10-point match tiebreak in lieu of a third set.
  6. TWO-MATCH REQUIREMENT: Each Team Captain shall give every player on his/her Team Roster the opportunity to play a minimum of two (2) matches during the league season.
  7. HOME COURTS: The Home Team must provide courts in Central Coast and have available on the premises for every match: Water, toilet facilities, lights for the duration of the match if the match is scheduled at night.
    • If the first date given for a match by the Home team is not okay for the Visiting team, the Home Team must get one new date during the scheduled week from their Club/Park and offer this second day and time. The Visiting team must select one of those two dates.
    • Rescheduling a Match Due to Unplayable Conditions or any other approved reason:  If the first date given by the Home Team for rescheduling a particular match is not okay for the Visiting Team, the Home Team must get another date from their Club/Park and offer this second day and time. The Visiting team must accept this second date unless the team already has a scheduled match. The match date must be before the end date of the season OR before the Flight Play-Off (if there are two Flights). THIS RESCHEDULING MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN ONE WEEK OF THE ORIGINAL MATCH DATE. BOTH CAPTAINS MUST NOTIFY THE LEAGUE COORDINATORS OF THE NEW DATE AND TIME.
    • Rescheduling a Match Due to any reasons other than those approved by SCTA:  In Central Coast, the Reschedule Penalty Procedure will not be implemented if BOTH Captains agree to “waive” it. The rescheduled match date/time is acceptable as long as the League Coordinators are notified and as long as the date/time is before the end of the League or before the Flight Playoff if there are two flights.
  9. EXCHANGING LINEUPS AT EACH MATCH: Lineups are to be exchanged before match start time. All players shall be present before exchanging lineups. If a player is not present, that player shall be placed in the #3 doubles position for a 3-line format or in the #2 singles position for a 5-line format, before lineups are exchanged in case of a default. And as per USTA Regulations, no substitution may be made in an individual match after the lineups have been presented except for injury to, illness of, or disqualification of a player prior to the start of the match.
  10. LATENESS PENALTY: When a player on any court is 15 minutes late, that court is defaulted.
  11. NO MATCH IS PLAYED “JUST FOR FUN”: If a player arrives past the 15-minute default time, that court is defaulted. If the players on both teams decide to play in spite of the late arrival, the match will stand as an official match. There is no “playing just for fun.”
  12. CELL PHONE RULE & PENALTY: It is recommended that all cell phones are turned OFF before the match begins. Per Friend At Court, p. 26, USTA Comment 30.1: “A player may NOT use electronic devices such as cell phones, digital messaging systems, radios, mp3 players, cd and DVD players, cassette players, or any device capable of receiving communication.” There shall be no phoning and no texting. Also, p. 19, 26.3: “If the phone rings during a point, the opponent may stop the point and claim the point based on deliberate hindrance. There is no penalty for a vibrating phone.”
  13. DISPUTED LINE CALLS: Since Local League play is un-officiated, teams have done the following to help resolve line call or foot faulting issues: Stop play. If available, ask your Captains or two players (one from each team) to stand on the court at each end of the net. Splitting the court in half lengthwise, they will call a line or foot faults on their side of the court ONLY when asked by one of the players.
  14. DEFAULTING AN ENTIRE TEAM MATCH: An entire team match defaulted by choice of team or captain is considered unsportsmanlike and will eliminate that team’s eligibility for advancing to the Flight Playoff if there are two flights and/or to the Sectional Championships. If you cannot field a full team, play as many lines as possible. With four players, a match still can be played.
  15. UNPLAYABLE CONDITIONS: In case of bad weather—rain, fog, wind, smoke from fire, ash, heat (95 Degrees), etc.—the Home Team Captain shall notify the Visiting Team Captain of court conditions the day of the match, but not more than 2 hours before match time, in order to be sure of court playability. The Home Team Captain shall be on the site in order to make that decision, or can postpone the match having received notice from the tennis facility that the courts are unplayable. The notification should be made by phone because an email might not be read in time. Two hours ahead gives time to notify all players of the decision and still be able to arrive on time. Once a decision is made that “unplayable conditions” exist, the match will be rescheduled.Heat Rule: Once the match has started, it must be played to completion unless the Captains of both teams have agreed before start of play that if the heat reaches 95 degrees or higher and any players are unable to complete their matches due to the heat, those matches will be rescheduled for completion. (See SCTA LEAGUE REGULATIONS for the complete Section rule.)

Weather Website: www.accuweather.com – Use this website for accurate weather forecasts and for the HEAT RULE.