Young adults hold the key to your success. The largest group of adults playing tennis is the 18-29 age group, but they’re not always looking for your typical tennis experience. Millennials want a valuable experience that’s social, flexible, casual, and convenient.


Have you ever organized a USTA Play Day for juniors? Why not try something similar for young adults? Hosting a Play Day gives you the opportunity to welcome new players to your programs to help build your business.

Tips For Hosting A Tennis Event:

  • Use Red Dot or Orange Dot balls to neutralize different levels of play
    Try short-format “match” competitions with multiple opponents
    Run some fast-pace drills and games – cardio tennis style
    Play music and make time for socializing
    Don’t be tied to the court. Plenty of fun can be had off court if you have the space!
    Invest in your future with young adults!
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