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What’s The Purpose Of The Southern California Tennis Association’s Marketing Campaign?


Rallying With The Executive Director

The SCTA wants to create more benefits for current USTA members, thereby retaining more members, and make USTA membership more attractive to future members.  We hope that you received the GEICO campaign email, “GetaQuoteHelpaKid.”  You’ll see more of those coming soon.  The SCTA also wants to create awareness about tennis with non-players and motivate them to start playing at their local tennis facilities.  How do we accomplish those important goals in 2016?

SCTA-Tactical-Marketing-Plan-PresentationCari Buck, recently-hired SCTA Marketing Manager, is working with Billy Berger of Brand X Marketing alongside Dave Wilkey, the Chair of the SCTA Marketing and Communications Committee, to create partnerships with consumer companies who want tennis players to identify with and use their products.  Whether it is insurance, tennis equipment and clothing, hotel rooms, restaurant meals, autos, or vacation travel, Cari, Dave and Billy would like a USTA member in SoCal to receive more dollar benefits than it costs for a junior/adult/family membership.

Cari and Linda Milan, Director of Support Services, are testing an awareness campaign with tennis facilities in Long Beach, Seal Beach and Whittier Narrows.  The campaign will encourage youth and adults to come to the courts to learn how to play tennis.  Cari, Linda and the facility directors are planning how to use the best tactics to bring the most people to the respective courts.  School flyers, door knob hangers, local newspaper & radio advertisements & announcements, banners, email blasts, Facebook and Twitter posts and word of mouth will be used when appropriate to generate the largest flow of participants.  Knowing that our members are our best salespeople, the SCTA is also considering how to make “give a friend a USTA membership” work for leagues, team tennis, and tournament players.  If you would like to generate more new tennis players at your tennis facility, please call Cari at 310.824.1633 to see if we can help you create a campaign in your community.

There is an old saying in sales, “You can’t sell ‘em if you don’t tell ‘em!”  The SCTA is beginning to tell the stories about USTA membership benefits and the joys of playing tennis.  Let’s see what we can make happen.

Bruce A. Hunt
Executive Director – Southern California Tennis Association


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