The SCTA Grievance Form is intended for grievances on Southern California players that occurred at a Southern California sanctioned tournament (non-National tournament). If you would like to file a grievance on a non-So Cal player at a SCTA sanctioned event, please contact the player’s section office. Any incident that occurs at a National tournament must be sent to the National Grievance Committee:

Adult & senior players are also encouraged to notify Annette Buck of players who fit the same above criteria.  Please contact Annette Buck directly at

To report general concerns about the administration of a Southern California adult, senior or family event, contact Annette Buck (

To report a violation of USTA or SCTA Regulations, standards of conduct, fair play, or good sportsmanship at a Southern California junior tournament, you must file a written grievance with the SCTA Sportsmanship & Grievance Committee.

The Committee has asked all grievances to be initially filed via one of two methods: