The Low Down on Smart Ace Social League

The Smart Ace Social League is a program geared toward intermediate/advanced players in the 18-39 age group and it’s going to be bananas.

The program will use a variation of the World Team Tennis format with one set of men’s doubles, one set of women’s doubles, and two mixed doubles sets. Team matches will be played on two courts.  Scores are tabulated by counting the number of games won in each set, so team matches could potentially end in a tie. The team that captures the most team wins, wins. However, if there is a tie, we will look at the number of games won.

Teams must have a minimum of six players (three girls and three guys), but a maximum of ten. The first Sunday of the season will be used to create teams. We’ll get everyone on the court for some high-energy games and drills, so show up with a squad or show up by yourself. We will get everyone onto teams for the following week’s matches.

While your team is dominating on the court, you can cheer them on from the court or mingle with the other teams over some cold beverages (non-alcoholic of course, you animals) and snacks. Each team match will be followed by a team competition off the court. These competitions will have nothing to do with tennis, so if your team just got whooped 24-0, this is your chance to redeem yourselves. In these contests, five team members from each team will compete for Smart Ace glory. These teammates should 1) not get embarrassed easily and 2) definitely sign our liability waiver before completing the competition.

After each match and team competition, the group will head to a nearby sports bar for more Smart Ace nonsense. At the end of the season, we will reward teams for their efforts on the court and off in the team contests.

Smart Ace tips for success:

-We’re here to have fun, so don’t take this league, us, or yourselves too seriously.

-Don’t complain – or you will be ridiculed.

-Prepare at least five “Yo Mama” jokes for potential Smart Ace smack talk before, during, and after the matches.

-Team spirit is measured by 1) ridiculous team names 2) creative sideline cheering routines 3) coordinating team outfits

-Bring your friends – even if they’re just showing up for the after party.

-Remember, no one is a loser at Smart Ace – unless you lose, of course.


USTA Southern California is piloting this program at Billie Jean King Tennis Center in Long Beach starting September 4th. The program will run for four weeks on Sundays . To register, visit the Smart Ace website. For more information, contact Madeline Segura in the SCTA office at or 310-208-3838

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